Measuring and optimizing health

Who, what, how, when, why interview

Measuring and optimizing health with finger-prick blood test kits.

WHO is she?

Sarah Bolt, CEO and Founder, Forth.

WHAT did she do ?

Sarah created Forth, a business pioneering personalised biomarker profiling. Starting with a small sample of blood, Forth monitors a users’ internal biomarkers and reports the results directly to an online portal and app - this indicates good or poor health and how the body is performing, allowing users to optimise their lifestyles to be their personal best. Sarah created the business by sourcing an expert team of biochemists and medical doctors who worked together to identify the most relevant and accurate biomarkers for home blood testing including diet, fitness, general well-being and hormone health. Products include female hormones, menopause health, and nutricheck.

Since its inception, Forth has also developed Forth Edge, the only sports-specific biomarker tracker in the world designed to help athletes manage the careful balance between training load, recovery and nutrition. The primary market is endurance athletes and builds upon the success of Forth, which is specific to improving people’s health. The kits are designed to give a range of athletes all the key information they need to understand how their bodies work, and how to work with their bodies.

HOW did she do it?

When building Forth, Sarah decided to break down the business into segments that could be worked on individually but together form essential building blocks. She started with the what - what business did she want to create? Then who were the right people to bring on board? This was when she teamed up with Forth’s CTO, Chris Baines. After this, Sarah looked at who they would need to build a successful website; and who would be the right clinical scientists; and eventually who would be the right lab partner?

It was important for Sarah to find the right expert in each individual field, not just in terms of technical skill but also passion. Forth is a team of experts passionate about helping to inform people of the science behind their lifestyle choices to help them be their personal best.

WHEN did she start her company?

Forth kicked off in June 2017. 

WHY is she innovating with this product or service?

A huge motivation behind founding Forth was to help people gain a deeper understanding of their bodies. At the time, wearable devices such as Fitbits were a big hit, but Sarah always felt they only gave a very superficial understanding of your body. Furthermore, it was hard to truly know what biological benefits you gain from lifestyle changes and optimisations.

It was because of this that Sarah decided to found Forth and create a team of experts who were engaged by their own health and wanted to be their personal best to live a better life. Forth later launched Forth Edge - not only is this geared towards athletes so that they can improve their performance, but it is also aimed at improving knowledge in their community to improve health education. Sarah recognised that with an increase in fitness and health Influencers there was a growing grey area between scientific fact and fiction. Forth was founded to shed light on the fiction by bringing hard scientific evidence to help people be their personal best and live more healthily.


Chepstow, Wales, UK.


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